Namaste people!
Welcome to Cosmos Odyssey – Unlocking Outer Space and Beyond.

Here are all the things you will find answers to.

  • Universe its origin evolution and future.
  • Spacecraft, their designing, and history so far.
  • Physics behind rocket science and flight mechanics.
  • How do spacecraft and rockets work?
  • About all Space missions and upcoming future mankind missions.
  • Basic knowledge about Aerodynamics of flight and physics behind it.
  • Basic knowledge about Aerospace Technology so far yet. and much more.

    This is in short an overall astronomy and Aerospace blog.

Cosmos Odyssey is a community Blog for anyone who is passionate about discovering the secrets behind daily happenings in space and time and for those who have the desire to know what space is all about.


About Deepak Bisht

Hi, I am Deepak creator and author of Cosmos Odyssey.

I completed my High school Education from the Doon Global School in Dehradun India and prior to becoming a blogger I am currently studying Aerospace engineering with specialization in Avionics from UPES Dehradun India.


Talking about my blog actually, there is quite a story behind on how I started all this.

They say “One life alternating moment can shape up rest of your life for good” and one such incident happened to me when I had a serious accident.  Luckily, I got out alive but I had to pay the price for it, which was something very rough.

I broke several of my hip and knee bones and was completely on bed rest for 4 months.  I mean just imagine being in bed for such a long time and believe me those were some pretty messed up days.  But being in one such condition I decided to focus my energy on things that I could do rather than on things I couldn’t do.

Those months played a major role in making my journey towards making this blog.  I was so frustrated and bored that I had to find a new hobby and that’s when blogging came into the picture. I spend most of the time lying down and learning all about blogging and practicing it.

And so after five months,  I decided to give blogging a shot. And open my first ever blog Cosmosodyssey.com


Me as a Person.


As a person, I am just a regular simple guy who is space enthusiast and loves to watch Sci-Fi movies all day long.

I hope one day my blog becomes a primary source of knowledge for all space lovers out there. I am very much excited to know how this blog would turn out to be in 3-6 months.



Apart from this, I am a musician I play guitar too.

        Pretty cool right? (:


Okay so now let me introduce you to my pet pal Max and believe me when I say he is the cutest dog ever. 🐶



On my leisure time, I like to do blogging I like to Workout and do photography.

That is all there is meanwhile you can also be a part of this community by connecting us via the comments section or by Guest posting on my blog or you may also contact directly from my Contact page.

Why don’t you reach out to me and wave a hi on Instagram and Facebook. 🙂

I am looking forward to meeting you. Until then see you next time. (:

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Deepak is an Aerospace Engineering student and a Space enthusiast person by heart ❤️. He loves to dig into Science, explore what’s possible and share all his knowledge with his readers. He also has a passionate interest in anything related to Astronomy, Blogging and being happy! (: Look up for About page to find more about him.

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