What will be the Ultimate Fate of the Universe? Future Of Cosmos.

Ever since the Big Bang, the universe itself is expanding continuously. And it’s not just the galaxies and cluster which are moving away, rather it’s the space itself. The space in between the galaxies and clusters is expanding. Meaning, the universe has no center. Everything in space is moving away from every other thing and possibly will go on until the ultimate fate of the universe.
Isn’t it fascinating how everything started just from nothing?


Expanding Universe Theory | The Redshift Theory.

Expanding Universe Theory | The Redshift Theory.

Not very long time ago we found that this expansion is currently accelerating up with time. And our understanding towards this extension has changed a lot since then.

To calculate how fast is the universe expanding many scientists including Albert Einstein thought the universe is static. Until Edwin Hubble in 1929 kept his “Expanding universe theory” in front of all. He demonstrated a direct relationship in between the galaxies and their separation from the earth as Hubble’s Law or the Red Shift theory. 

Earlier it was predicted that all the matter in space would eventually stop expanding because of the gravitation property. But now a new term coined as Dark Energy came into the picture as an unknown form of energy. It has the ability to alternate the fate of the universe by being so gravitationally repulsive which can make the expansion process speed up.


What is Universe Expanding Into? Universe Expansion Rate.

So how far the space edges go? the possible answer for this depends on whether or not there are any edges. Since we as Humans have only started discovering science during the last second of the cosmic calendar. Around 100 years ago we even had no idea about having other galaxies.

Did you Know? “The Universe Expansion rate is being calculated as 68 kilometers per second per megaparsec.”

Apart from all this, If we are living in an infinite universe then no matter how big size of the universe is, the answer to where the space edges go has to be nothing. Because an infinite universe has no edges.

If in a case there is a finite universe. Then the boundary is so far away that we cannot see it, and so it doesn’t have any effect on us. It will always lie beyond our detection forever.


Timeline of the Universe. Future of Cosmos Evolution.

Ultimate Fate of the Universe
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Looking at the age of the universe it’s about 13.77 Billion years. And to see what will be the fate of the universe is surely something everyone is interested to know.

How will the universe end?

  • 100,000 years from now because of the motion of stars and earth in the galaxy. All the constellation will be unrecognizable and new constellations will be seen.
  • In 10 million years, most of the multi-cellular species on earth will go extinct.
  • In 250 Million years, all our continents will fuse to become one super-continent.
  • A Billion years from now our sun would become 10% brighter thus evaporating up seas and oceans, killing most of the life form. All our atmosphere would be soaked up in water vapor creating Green House Effect creating Earth a no longer be a sustainable planet.
  • 5 Billion Years from now our Milky Way galaxy and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy will finally end their rush towards each other. They will reach the point of contact forming a new galaxy as Milkomeda.
  • In 8 Billion Years, our solar system will be at some new place inside new Milkomeda galaxy. Now the Sun will be at a stage to where it is more unstable than before. Its radius will increase, ultimately reaching to 200 times larger than it was, and would swallow up every other planet.
  • 10 Billion years from now the sun would shrink down to the size of earth converting into a White Dwarf. Which later will gradually cool down reaching onto the next stage Black Dwarf.
  • 100 Billion years from now. Because of this expansion of the universe, all other galaxies would disappear in the observable universe. And due to Cosmic Microwave Background, it will cool up to a point and will become undetectable leading up to no signs of the big bang.
  • 1 Trillion Years from now (Beginning of the end) all of the known galaxies would now die out. Since hydrogen gas will run out. meaning no more formation of new stars.
  • 1 Quadrillion years from now. If our earth by one means or other figures out how to survive this. The Earth would then get plunged into the dark dwarf (sun).
  • 1050 years from dead stars that remain will now turn into a black hole. These Black holes with their unending darkness will grow darker swallowing up every other object coming its way. But soon enough even those black holes would finally give up and evaporate due to the Hawking Radiation
  • 10106 years from now the universe enters into the dark era which means all physical objects have now decayed to its subatomic particle. And in case if photon decay is not possible then all the particles will fuse together to form iron-56 isotope and thus creating Iron Stars. And not long time after that everything will collapse into black hole which then would eventually evaporate too.
  • 10^1040 now the universe is a true void with absolutely nothing. This is it. Nothing will ever happen again. So when will the universe end you ask? Here, right here is where it all comes down to this.


Ultimate Fate of the Universe. Big Crunch and Big Rip Theory.

Big crunch Big chill Continue Forever

Everything must come to an end. But will there be an end to everything that we’ve known? However, scientists think that there surely will be a determinate end of the universe but how and when will that will happen is still uncertain.

One Prevailing theory regarding the fate of the universe is that there will be a Big Crunch where the gravitational forces of the universe will reach their limit causing the entire Universe to stop expanding. Eventually, it will fold back itself converging into a single infinitely tiny point (singularity). Which ultimately will disappear into a nothing.

It is just as in a mirror image of the Big Bang.  As per a few expectations, this event of space-time will turn out to be so vicious and disordered that space and time will literally “break” into “pieces” and every single current idea of space-time will all become irrelevant.

Also, another hypothetical model concerning about the ultimate fate of our universe known as the Big Reap states that the universe will expand up to such an extent that gravity loses all its meaning and the cosmos will literally fall apart. Terrifying right?


Final Verdict-

Whatever the outcome may be. It is always easier to talk about the beginning of the universe rather than to talk about how does the universe end. We now know that universe is a vast dynamic activity and is home to One hundred billion galaxies and we as humans have many things yet to discover. Who knows maybe one-day Humanity will have all the answers to what are now just missing pieces of a puzzle.

What do you have to say about the fate of the universe? Will there be something different than what humanity has predicted? Do let me know via comments section down below or contact me personally. I will be happy to have a conversation with you. 🙂

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